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Success stories

General health has improved

Reflexology was suggested to me by a relative who is also a reflexologist. I was suffering from IBS, lack of sleep and re-occurring colds/stomach bugs, due probably to stress. ​ Within a day or two of treatment i usually have some relief from my symptoms particularly around the menstrual cycle. I feel my general health has improved with the treatment and relief from any discomfort comes quickly after treatment. The sensation of my feet being worked on is in itself a pleasurable feeling. Linda - 45

It helped me conceive

I decided to have a facial reflexology to see if it would help with my menstrual migraines and also help with my PCOS which gave me irregular periods. I wasn't sure what to expect other than to feel relaxed. I experienced a very deep relaxation and noticed my periods became more regular after a few sessions. By having regular periods it made it easier for me to conceive, which I did twice since having facial reflexology by Lisa. I also found I was able to sleep very well after treatment. I can honestly say I have never felt so relaxed in other facial or massages that I have tried. ​ I was never doubtful and thought if nothing else, its a one hour treatment for me to unwind and fall into a deep relaxation. Anything more than feeling relaxed will be a bonus. ​ I would definitely recommend facial reflexology by Lisa. I really believed it helped my fertility and helped me conceive on both occasions Elise - 34

A tool to help deal with stress

I was feeling stressed and reflexology was recommended by my wife to help me relax. ​I always exsperience deep relaxation during and after each session - it particularly reduces tenseness in my shoulders, which is where I carry stress. Generally I get a feeling of positivity and calm after reflexology, which I "maintain" through 4 weekly sessions. I started with foot reflexology and then moved to facial reflexology, which I found offered a deeper relaxation experience. ​ I would recommend reflexology as a tool for dealing with general stress levels. It is the most relaxing hour in my month! Keith - 40

Have found great relief

I started having treatments from Lisa for back and neck pain. I found that I have better movement and am able to get around much easier. I have noticed that I feel better in myself and much more relaxed. Initially I had Shiatsu but I have moved on to Facial Reflexology now as it is more comfortable for me and I find it much more relaxing. ​ Overall I have found great relief and I am very pleased to have had the treatments and will carry on with them as they are worth the money. Mary - 71

Eases my tension and stress

I had heard a lot about reflexology and thought I would give it a try. I was feeling stressed through being a full time career. I feel a benefit after each treatment, it gives me energy, eases my tensions and stress. It took me a while to make up my mind about having reflexology but I am glad I did it. Joan - 79

Lisa is an excellent reflexologist

I had been thinking about trying reflexology for some time but had not got round to it. Shortly after my husband died I decided to give it a try. At that time I had been feeling rather depressed and thought reflexology might help take my mind off my problems and help me relax. I did not really know what to expect as I had never had been told by people who had tried it that it was very relaxing. I did find my first treatment very enjoyable and relaxing. I also found Lisa to be very friendly and quickly put me at ease. I now look forward to my reflexology with Lisa. She is very friendly and a good listener. ​ Since starting my treatments, I feel much more posititive in myself and more able to cope with things. The regular treatments have helped me overcome my depression and increased my feelings of well-being. When I started I didnt have any preconceived ideas of what to expect. I would certainly recommend this treatment as it is so very relaxing and Lisa is an excellent reflexologist with great people skills. I look forward to my monthly sessions with her. June - 66

A sense of normality

I had my first session with Lisa doing self supported shiatsu .... I enjoyed the experience and it gave me a sense of normality in these challenging times .... well done Lisa. Kim. M

I felt great after every session

I wanted to be less stressed and more relaxed. And Lisa was able to help with facial reflexology each month. I felt great after every session and she helped me with Lymphedema- releasing built up fluid in my arm. During lockdown Lisa has had virtual Shiatsu sessions on Zoom, which have really helped to reduce anxiety and tension in my neck and body due to working from home. Great time on a Tuesday evening - look forward to it every week Helen D

Relaxing and helpful

Lisa's sessions are relaxing and helpful in reliving the pain of tension headache. I very much look forward to the next session with Lisa Biljana

Highly recommend

What a great out of body experience! I had been suffering with headaches for a few days, and soon after treatment, my head felt clear and a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I would highly recommend Lisa. S he made me feel comfortable and at ease. I will definitely come back :) Lisa M

Lisa's treatments have kept me well

I have been going to Lisa for quite a few years..... I genuinely believe Lisa’s treatments have kept me well and as an added bonus they are very enjoyable too..... Kim

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