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Qigong is an ancient system of self- healing through movement and meditation. Qi - translates to life force energy and gong – translates as work. Hence, we are working on our energy within our body
by cleansing, cultivating, circulating and storing it to improve health and longevity.

It can be done standing or seated and work ranges from dynamic to stillness. A sense of centredness and calm and improved energy is the result of regular practice.

One hour weekly distance class through zoom. Check events page for in person classes or contact me for one-to-one classes


A class to release, circulate strengthen and harness your Qi (Life force energy). This class has given support to many different people over the last 2 years when we in difficult times and could not meet face to face.

I am happy to say it is still supporting those who:

  • Are working from home with makeshift offices.

  • Are feeling anxious and stressed.

  • Want to try something different.

  • Want to get out of their head and more in tune with their body.

  • Want to increase mobility and energy

  • Want to feel relaxed.


We move to release “stuck” qi (life force energy). We use a range of techniques such as: stretching, body tapping, self-massage.

To stimulate meridians. We practice “Qi Gong” flowing movements to focus our minds and strengthen our qi.

Finally, we use stillness and breath work and relaxation to calm, focus and strengthen the mind.

Qigong Flow Direction

To find out more about joining these sessions and cost, contact me.

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