It's all about Qi

Who is it for?

A class to release, circulate strengthen and harness your Qi (Life force energy).

During this difficult year this class has given support to many different people.

For example it has helped those who:


  • Are working from home with make shift offices.

  •  Are missing their usual exercise routines.

  • Are feeling anxious and stressed.

  • Wanted to try something different.

  •  Wanted to get out of their head and more in tune with their body.

  • Were missing their physical holistic treatments.

  •  Wanted to feel relaxed.


What do we do?


In these classes we move to release “stuck” qi (life force energy). We stretch , tap, use self massage

to stimulate meridians . We practice “Qi Gong” flowing movements to focus our minds and

strengthen our qi. Finally we use stillness and breath work and relaxation to calm, focus and

strengthen the mind.

To find out about joining these sessions and cost please contact me.

A one hour weekly distance class through zoom.