Reiki Treatment

Workshop sessions to support "It's all about qi":

These sessions are held on zoom and do have a fee. Pay me on paypal ( then contact me and I will send you the link for the individual class.

1. Deepen the breath and the correct posture 27/1/21 7.30.   Cost £6.

To get the best out of  "It's all About qi" deep breathing and correct posture is helpful .


2.Seated "It's all about Qi" class  2/2/21 2pm    Cost £6
For those who have difficulty standing this will show you how we can practice sitting down just as effectively.

3.Body Tapping and Self Massage. 13/2/21 at 9.30am.   Cost £6
Invigorating session to truly awaken the whole body

4.30 Midday Awaken 11/2/21 1pm.    Cost £4
A 30 minute session to step away from your desk and awaken your mind and body.