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There is so much science-based evidence now available on our gut microbiome and how it under pins the state of our general health and how it affects the way our bodies and mind function.

This program will help to improve your health in a holistic way by resetting the balance of your gut microbiome.





Did you know that we have 10000 species of bacteria that live in and on us and make up our individual ecosystem? The total cells we have of bacteria and fungi is 90 trillion! It is important that we get the balance of good verses bad bacteria right to remain healthy.















It is responsible for so many things affecting our overall physical and mental health but to give you
an idea:


  • Immunity- (70% of your immune system is created in the gut)

  • Digestion and metabolism

  • Brain health and mental health- (did you know that 90% serotonin the happy hormone is created in the gut). The Vagus nerve serves as a communication railway between the brain and the gut that are so closely connected, they share the same tissue, and more information is sent to the brain from the gut rather than it being the other way round

  • Hormone production- now this is a large list but many hormones affecting our health (mood, sleep, motivation, appetite, cravings) are produced in the gut :oxytocin, melatonin serotonin and GABA

        Fertility and menopause hormones are regulated in the gut.

You can see how the state of our microbiome seriously affects our health


If we visualise our gut as our garden, we have a four-pronged approach to help it back into good condition:

1. Pull the weeds by removing the bad bacteria and toxins – Remove refined, unhealthy foods from your diet, use targeted supplements to bind to and draw out heavy metals, toxins and bad bacteria.

2. Plant your gut garden with seeds – Probiotics colonise our guts so make sure that you are taking prebiotics as well as probiotics.

3. Feed the seeds – Probiotics need prebiotics to feed on to enable the good bacteria to flourish.

4. Enrich your gut garden with nutrients – Have good antioxidants and eat gut friendly foods

Many people say that they have been taking probiotics and prebiotics and not noticed much difference. This explains why, it is like throwing a few seeds into the garden full of weeds and expecting them to grow….we need to pull the weeds first.

You can do this by eating only gut friendly foods whilst supporting your bodies detox and nourishing it with elite nutraceutical products for the 21 days of the program. I will support you every step of the way.



















Modern day living takes its toll on our gut microbiome. Lifestyle, stress, diet, toxins in the environment and medication can all damage the balance and cause many health issues varying in severity. From poor sleep and lack of energy, digestive problems and skin
problems to more complex problems such as auto- immune disease, fibromyalgia and obesity.

Symptoms of poor gut health may include:
Brain fog
High glucose levels
Hormonal imbalance
Metabolic dysfunction
Mood swings
Unable to control weight
Skin problems
Joint pain
Sleep issues

Take the first step to kickstart your health in the right direction. Contact me to book a free consultation and get the link to fill in a Lifestyle Analysis questionnaire so that you can see how your body is functioning right now.