...I believe in taking responsibility for my own health and I am passionate about empowering others to do the same through my work as an Holistic Therapist and Wellbeing Coach.

I have been a therapist since 1993 and I am registered with Association of Reflexology and the Shiatsu Society

As a holistic therapist, I aim not only to treat everyone as an individual but by their symptoms as well, rather than grouping or labelling symptoms as a specific illness.

Our minds, emotions and physical bodies are all connected and what affects one will almost surely affect the other.

For example.. Anxiety or stress related to work, may affect any physical system in the body (such as the digestive system or immune system) and may also change a persons mood causing them to be tearful, irritable or angry.

You can see how complex we are and how differently we respond to what life may throw our way which is why it is important to remember that each and everyone is unique.

I started my journey as a beauty therapist and soon discovered that I had the ability to relax and put people at ease. I enjoyed the massage therapies and my thirst to help people began with studying Reflexology (with the International Institute of Reflexology), followed by Reiki (degree 1 & 2) and then a three year course in Shiatsu and Chinese medicine (with the European School of Shiatsu Therapy and Movement).

In 2010 I completed the missing link in my therapy business and completed a course in Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem which has brought my knowledge of Chinese medicine and Reflexology to the face and completes what I do so I have something for everyone or every age.

I was introduced to and started studying Integrated Myofascial Release in 2014 and got completely hooked and have now completed all courses for the full Practitioners Diploma. These techniques can be added to my other therapies to enhance the healing experience or used alone for a full Myofascial Release treatment.

I am also an experienced Health Trainer who has worked within the NHS to support and coach people in a Healthy Lifestyle Change if they are struggling with the focus to do it alone and need to reduce their risk of health issues related to poor diet, obesity and lack of Physical Activity

Watch this space for a programme I am developing to support individuals and families with this privately


It is every individual's responsibility to look after their own body and mind  where possible to enable them to have optimal health and wellbeing to live a healthy fulfilling life..... Let me help you do this.